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Nanologica receives order for NLAB Saga valued to approximately SEK 2 Million

Nanologica has received an order for the company’s silica-based purification media NLAB Saga® from a customer in China who has previously evaluated the product. The value amounts to approximately SEK 2 million.

The customer is a pharmaceutical manufacturer that has evaluated NLAB Saga® on a small scale and has now placed an order for production.

In China, we see a very strong activity in the GLP-1 analogue segment as a result of the patent for semaglutide expiring in 2026. The demand for high-quality silica for purification of peptides such as semaglutide has increased significantly in China, just as in the rest of the world, and this order shows that we can take on the Chinese market”, CEO Andreas Bhagwani comments.

As we announced earlier this week, our large-scale silica production facility is now delivering significantly larger volumes than before. How much more that will land as sales in the second quarter remains to be seen, but with an increasing stock of finished goods, we are able to deliver faster on this and future orders, which means that we can increase our sales efforts ”, CEO Andreas Bhagwani continues.