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Nomination committee

Instruction for the nomination committee

According to the Code, all companies whose shares are listed on a regulated market in Sweden must have a nomination committee to prepare proposals regarding certain appointments by the general meeting. The main task of the nomination committee is to propose candidates for election to the board of directors, including the chairman of the board, and, where applicable, propose auditors for election to the general meeting. When nominating persons for election to the board of directors, the nomination committee shall determine whether the persons nominated for election are considered independent of the Company, its senior management and the major shareholders in the Company. In addition, the nomination committee shall propose a candidate for election of chairman of the general meeting. The nomination committee shall also submit proposals concerning the fees of the chairman of the board of directors, the other board members and the auditors.

The nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2025 shall consist of the chairman of the board and three members appointed by the three shareholders with the largest number of votes at the end of the third quarter of the respective year. “The three largest shareholders in terms of number of votes” shall also refer to hereafter known shareholder groupings.

The composition of the nomination committee shall be announced as soon as it has been appointed.
The mandate of the Nomination Committee shall continue until a new Nomination Committee is appointed.

Flerie’s shareholders are invited to send proposals to the Nomination Committee by e-mail to or to Flerie AB, Skeppsbron 16, 111 30 Stockholm

Applicable principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee and instructions for the Nomination Committee:

Principles for the appointment of and instructions for the nomination committee_20240610
Principer för tillsättande av och instruktion avseende valberedning – 20240610