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Alder Therapeutics Licenses Two Cell Therapy Programs From DUKE-NUS and Biolamina

17th January 2023, Stockholm, Sweden. In two separate exclusive license agreements, Alder Therapeutics AB secured access to Intellectual Property and know-how for two state-of-the-art methods to manufacture retinal and cardiac cell therapeutic products. The agreement for the retinal cell program, licensed from Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, and the agreement for the cardiac cell program, licensed from Duke-NUS and BioLamina AB in Sweden, will allow Alder to optimise both processes for commercial manufacturing using the AlderEdge™ and to eventually show safety and efficacy of each cell product in clinical trials.

The methods are developed by Professor Karl Tryggvason, Tanoto Professor in Diabetes Research at Duke-NUS’ Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Program, and his research group at the School, with Assistant Professor Tay Hwee Goon from Duke-NUS’ Centre for Vison Research leading the retinal cell research, and Assistant Professor Lynn Yap from Duke-NUS’ Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Program leading the cardiac research. Extensive preclinical tests have demonstrated proof-of-concept in cardiac and retinal indications.

“We are excited and impressed by both the quality and robustness of the methods that were developed by these excellent scientists. We are looking forward to incorporating these innovations to fine-tune the processes and to testing these therapeutic cells in patients,” says Kristian Tryggvason, CEO of Alder Therapeutics.

“We are delighted to partner with Alder Therapeutics to transfer these discoveries of our scientists into real-world solutions that will improve patient outcomes and lives,” commented Dr. David Wang, director of the Centre for Technology and Development at Duke-NUS Medical School. Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO of BioLamina AB, further commented: “We are thrilled about Alder developing these early stage programs towards potential life-saving therapies”.

About Alder Therapeutics Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden Alder Therapeutics AB is a development stage, private biotechnology company focused on building a novel cell therapy platform with best functional cells based on the most simple and robust processes. The unique AlderEdge™ platform will improve access to pluripotent stem cell therapy treatment for patients. Our overall ambition is to deliver cell therapies with the potential to halt or reverse disease progress for people living with serious diseases. For more information and important updates, please visit

About BioLamina BioLamina AB is a Swedish biotechnology company built on a scientific foundation and a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our flagship products, the biorelevant human recombinant laminin isoforms Biolaminin®, are defined cell culture matrices that successfully imitate the natural, cell-specific cell-matrix interaction in the cell culture dish, allowing cells to thrive and maintain their function. Our products are a powerful resource for scientists working with stem cells and primary cells both within basic research as well as in regenerative medicine companies with a focus on cell therapy applications.